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World Hepatitis Day: Hepatitis is serious, "Hepatitis Can't Wait”

  by NEWSNER , 2021-07-28 10:44:10

World Hepatitis Day: Hepatitis is serious,


Every year on July 28, World Hepatitis Day (WHD) is observed to raise awareness of viral hepatitis, a liver inflammation that can lead to serious liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma. To honour Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Baruch Blumberg, this day is observed on his birthday, July 28. He was the first to discover the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). He also created a Hepatitis B viral diagnostic test and vaccination.


This day serves as a reminder of the necessity of knowing one's hepatitis status and disseminating information about hepatitis treatment.


The theme for this year is "Hepatitis Can't Wait." Even amid the current COVID-19 crisis, a person dies every 30 seconds from hepatitis-related sickness; therefore we can't wait to take action against viral hepatitis. The hepatitis virus is divided into five strains: A, B, C, D, and E. Hepatitis B and C, together, are the most frequent, causing 1.1 million deaths and 3 million new infections each year.


According to one of WHO's research, immunisation, diagnostic tests, medicines, and information campaigns can avert an estimated 4.5 million premature deaths in low- and middle-income countries by 2030. Between 2016 and 2030, the WHO's global hepatitis plan, which has been endorsed by all WHO member nations, seeks to reduce new hepatitis infections by 90 percent and fatalities by 65 percent.


Hepatitis B and C infections cause 1,100,000 fatalities every year, with only 9,400,000 persons obtaining treatment for chronic hepatitis C virus infection. 10% of persons with chronic hepatitis B virus infection are diagnosed, and about 22% of those diagnosed receive treatment. The birth dose of the hepatitis B vaccine is available to only 42 percent of children worldwide.


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